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Welcome to Random Fandom!

19 March 2020

The blog works off of a plugin for WonderCMS.

In case you don't know what WonderCMS is, it's a lightweight (under 50kb), flat file based content management system. Flat File Content Management Systems don't use a traditional database such as MariaDB or MySQL. This makes them more secure and lighter on resources in general, although they may not be as feature filled.

As for hosting this site, I'm using the Google Cloud Platform's "Always Free Tier" f1-micro Compute Engine. It's not super powerful, which is why I'm using lightweight software to run it. The f1-micro only has 1 shared CPU core, 640 MBs of RAM, and a 30GB drive; but its free and can be left on for the whole month, month after month.

The domain "" is from freenom. At freenom you can register free (.cf .ga .gq .ml .tk) domains for up to one year at a time.

The SSL/TLS certificates come from Let's Encrypt. Let's Encrypt gives out free SSL/TLS certificates to website owners so they can secure their websites. As for the installation of the certs, I done this through my Server Management Panel.

The server management panel is Cyberpanel, which comes with OpenLiteSpeed for the webserver. I'm using LiteSpeed Enterprise. LiteSpeed Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed are both free for small site owners. Cyberpanel is also free. LiteSpeed Enterprise/OpenLiteSpeed are faster than Apache or NGINX webservers, and also lighter on resource usage. Cyberpanel allows for easy control of the server, from changing PHP versions, to assigning SSL certs, and managing domains, email, etc.

For the operating system, it's none other than Linux! Linux is a free, open source operating system used by many servers and desktops. You probably use Linux without realizing it, actually using it right now reading this post. If you're using Android, well the Android Kernel is based on Linux. Unlike Windows or Mac, Linux comes in many versions that can be quite different. We call these "distros". As for the distro I'm using,  it's Ubuntu.

This site has additional protections in addition to the SSL certificate. I'm using Cloudflare for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks prevention.  While it may not stop all attacks, it can greatly reduce the traffic on this small server. Cloudflare not only helps protect against DDoS attacks but it can also speed up sites with cache andoptimizations like code minifying.

All of these services and technologies allowed me to build a lightweight, easier to manage, secure, and professional-ish, looking website that didn't cost me anything but a bit of time. Thank you to all these wonderful volunteers and companies who make this site possible!