Things are rather wonky around here! 🥴

23 May 2020

This site is under development, as well as WonderCMS and my theme. This means things may break around here due to my incompetence, or because of updates that break things.

Currently, I'm just learning stuff as I go. Things like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Linux terminal commands, WonderCMS, and a little but of PHP! Before, I just used a more powerful CMS like Wordpress, or some other WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) site building tool.

The thing is, Wordpress is rather heavy and it's codebase contains over a million lines of code. Not only that, but it requires a database which means more security issues and vulnerabilities to fix and prevent. This also requires more powerful servers to run. Using WonderCMS with it's flat file structure means no traditional database is necessary, and with that potentially better server performance. This server is hosted on the Always Free Tier of the GCP, which has a limit on the compute engine I can use. You can learn about those limits at the GCP Free Tier's website. The smaller codebase of WonderCMS is also easier to understand and deal with for newbie developers wanting to go deeper into their site's code.